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What Are PTC Sites And How Do I Benefit From Them?

'PTC' stands for Paid-to-Click.
The PTC sites pay you to click and view websites, which is beneficial to both the
advertiser and the person clicking (You!).
Additionally, PTC sites also offer affiliate programs which can provide you
with lasting residual incomes for referring new people to them.

How Does This Program Work?

PTC Rocket is the first system of its kind for the PTC industry.
The primary focus is to help you succeed by providing you with all the tools
necessary for success, and the more people you introduce to
PTC Rocket, the more your downlines in PTCs will grow,
just from promoting one link!
It is far more effective than promoting several individually.
Track your advertising with our built-in tracker and rotator feature
to maximize your promotion efforts.
Additionally, you can benefit from our personalized splash pages that include
your name, photo and social networks, so you can grow your followers, contacts
and create personal brand recognition for your efforts!
When your direct referrals purchase an upgrade here at PTC Rocket,
you earn recurring affiliate commissions on the sale!

How Many PTC Sites Can I Promote With PTC Rocket?

PTC Rocket currently supports 30 of the TOP PTC programs in the industry.
Upgraded members can promote all 30.
Free members can add their referral IDs for 6 of their choice.
In the future, we may add more PTC programs to the list but we are
extremely selective on which programs are added and among other criteria,
must have proven track records.

Does PTC Rocket Require Any of My Login Info For PTC's I Belong To?

Nope! We never ask for that info and never will.
All you need is your PTC Rocket login info to use this system.

What Is The 'Top 5 Programs' Feature For?

We realize that sometimes people like to have the option of focusing on a small
group of programs at a time, so we've provided Upgraded members the option
of choosing 5 of their top programs in the downline builder that will appear
on the 'Top 5 Programs' splashpage.
This splashpage is optional but does provide greater emphasis on growing your
downlines in 5 of your favorite programs and can be changed at any time.
Also, you can re-order the entire programs list in the downline builder as you wish!

How many Trackers And Rotators Can Members Create?

Upgraded members can create 50 tracker URLs and Rotators!
Free members can also use the tracker and rotator features but are
limited to 3 tracker URLs and 1 rotator. You can set it up to promote PTC Rocket
or any PTC site of your choice.
Full tracking stats are available to each membership.
Complete video tutorials are also available inside the member's area.

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes we do!
Upgraded members can earn 30% commissions on any upgrade purchase
made by their direct referrals and Free members can earn 10%
commissions on all upgrade purchases made by their direct referrals.
Because PTC Rocket offers a paid membership option, you
can earn a monthly recurring income for sharing us with others!